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Our History

The “Local Lender” for over 125 Years

For more than 125 years, Town Square Bank has maintained its commitment and focus on being “The Local Lender”.

It has been our mission to provide local decisions that our customers want and trust.  We have been focused on providing excellent customer experiences as well as helping our customers reach their financial goals.

Over the years and continued growth Home Federal Savings and Loan merged with Town Square Bank to blend their strengths on becoming “The Local Lender” in 2014.  The decision was made to take on the name of Town Square Bank and incorporate our Shareholders, Poage Bankshares, Inc. colors, green and blue.

As we continue to focus on being, “The Local You See.”, “The Local You Want.”, and “The Local You Trust.” We strive to continue the success our founders has set for us where local is guaranteed and we are, “The Local Lender”.

We are proud of our history and our history has made us the bank we are today.  Town Square Bank was founded in 1889, where H.C. Freshour, J.A. Jolly, A.G. Berry, J.M. Ferguson, J.S. Akers, Jacob Leicht, and W.H. Hunter were elected as directors of the Home and Savings Fund Association, by the shareholders. H.C. Freshour was elected as the first President.  Our founders were engaged in our institution and created an innovative and forward-looking organization, which later chartered into Home Federal Savings and Loan Association.

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