Statement of Condition

As of December 31, 2016

This statement has been prepared in accordance with the regulatory requirements of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC). Town Square bank meets all capital requirements as follows: Tier 1 Leverage Capital was $62,513 which equates to a 13.52% ratio and Total Risk Based Capital was $64,925 which equates to a 21.01% ratio.

(In Thousands)
Cash on Hand and Due from Banks $25,123
Investment Securities AFS $58,262
Federal Funds Sold $1,258
Loans Held For Sale $611
Residential Mortgage Loans $196,986
Non-Residential Mortgage Loans $92,481
Commercial Loans $38,747
Consumer Loans $18,501
Unearned Income on Loans ($445)
Allowance for Loan Loss ($2,350)
Net Loans $343,920
Premises and Fixed Assets $11,115
Other Real Estate Owned and Repossessions $719
Federal Home Loan Bank Stock $3,036
Other Assets $14,397
Total Assets $458,227
Non-Interest Bearing Deposits $56,131
Interest Bearing Deposits $322,420
Other Borrowed Money $11,485
Other Liabilities $4,156
Total Liabilities $394,192
Surplus $36,321
Retained Earnings $29,857
Accumulated Comprehensive Income ($153)
Other Equity Capital Components ($1,990)
Total Equity $64,035
Liabilities and Equity $458,227